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Clark, Meghan

Clark, Meghan


I grew up and went to school in Olney, Texas, just down the road from Newcastle. I got my B.A. in Political Science from Abilene Christian University in 2011, and then took an M.A. in History at Baylor University in 2013. I started teaching at NISD in 2014. I taught math for a few years and then transitioned to English. 


I coach the speech and debate team and help Ms. Forbus as the assistant director for Newcastle's One Act Play program. I am always looking for new speakers and debaters to participate! If you are a high school student who would like to do speech or debate, please let me know. 


I can be reached at the school phone number, (940) 846-3531, or at


1st Period - Dual Credit U.S. History

2nd Period - 7th ELAR

3rd Period - 7th ELAR

4th Period - 6th ELAR

5th Period - 6th ELAR

6th Period - 8th ELAR

7th Period - 8th ELAR

8th Period - Conference