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Blassingame, Sherri

Blassingame, Sherri


My name is Sherri Blassingame, more commonly known as Mrs. B.  I am excited about all the changes and challenges we will see this year.  This will be my 21th year teaching science here at Newcastle ISD and I am excited about that as well.  


Class Schedule 2021/2022

1st period (8:00-8:54): Conference

2nd period (8:57-9:42): IPC

3rd period (9:45-10:30): Chemistry

4th period (10:33-11:18): A&P

5th period (11:21-12:06): Art

6th period (12:36-1:21): Art

7th period (1:24-2:09): Biology

8th period (2:12-2:57): Physics

9th period (3:00-3:45): Study Hall