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Beaver, Jennifer

Beaver, Jennifer


Hi, my name is Jennifer Beaver and I have been with the district for 4 years.  I am the Attendance Clerk and am here to help you answer any questions with attendance and Parent Portal.  
Just a reminder to parents about our Attendance policy:      
   All students must have a note signed by a parent or guardian in order to be granted an excused absence.  Notes must be turned in by the fifth day following an absence.  For a Medical Absence a student must be present at least one period during the day and have a Doctor's note for the appointment attended.  All absences will be entered as an unexcused absence and will only be changed after the note is provided. If the student does not bring a note by the fifth (5th) day, the absence will remain unexcused.   Three tardies equal one absence in any class.

NOTE: ANY unexcused absence will make a student ineligible to receive a citizenship award for the year.

Please feel free to contact me at the Newcastle School Office! 

Phone: 940-846-3531

Fax:  940-846-3452